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My mother said that after 8 days of birth, I opened my eyes, at first glance is an engagement ring, I was immediately fascinated, Elizabeth Taylor to explain her love of jewelry.

Taylor's collection is one of the world's most beautiful and valuable collections to date, and she loves these jewelry and has a lot of research on their craftsmanship and craftsmanship. In her view, each of her jewelry is a gift presented by friends, has a special meaning.

Taylor's life has gone through eight divisions, Richard Burton is Taylor's fourth husband. Their marriage lasted for 10 years, from 1964 to 1974, after which they were compounded again in 1975, but unfortunately they ended up in a year later. Although Burton is not the first and not the last lover, and he is the only one she married twice, and replica Bvlgari jewelry can be said that this is the best witness.

Bvlgari jewelry for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was vigorous love to add a thick and heavy. More people in the impression of Taylor, or "Egyptian Yan" in the shape, that wearing a serpentine gold crown crown queen, she perfectly reproduces the Egyptian royal majesty. And Elizabeth Taylor wearing a snake-like jewelry shape has become a generation of classic, the snake-like jewelry fashion boom pushed to the top.

Since 1943 Bvlgari launched Serpenti series of jewelry since the "serpentine has become the real classic symbol of Bvlgari. Silversmith originator Suo Di Liou Bvlgari is a road of the Greeks, and later because of the violence to move to Italy, So the integration of the Greek mythology in the snake-like elements and the Italian Renaissance art style fake Bvlgari jewelry, it can be said to be a half-breed.

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