The world's cities in the hands of the designer, with precious stones and precious metals show the beauty of the city, with diamonds dressed in light, or smooth simple or complicated gorgeous posture reborn, into the eyes of the elegant bracelet jewelry.

Romantic Paris, jewelry on behalf of: Cartier jewelry.

The interpretation of Paris is the most romantic only, its romantic affectionate, its bustling downtown, its diverse architecture. Through a block, everywhere filled with the charm of women in Paris, sometimes happy and playful, sometimes enchanting, she often glamorous, and often delicate euphemism, long-lasting exudes noble spirit.

Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague series of jewelry flowing in the charm of the city of Paris: its rhythm, streets and parties, as well as the metal hollow dome, gorgeous decorated nightlife such as exquisite sweet food, as if for the love of the city of Paris Of people involved, they most know how to appreciate the paving stone here, fantastic night, sweet food and chic walk ...

Through the ingenious use of Choi Po to show the dessert of the attractive color, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, moonlight stone, turquoise, arc cutting method will be gem soft colors reveal, chalcedony natural lines more like a cascade of fresh cream , Wrapped in diamonds made of diamonds in the cup. Hollow structure is also a major feature, the designer will be the Grand Palace of Paris, the dome structure concentrated in the delicate fake Cartier bracelet, ring above, or with a fine gold mesh with a small Cai Bao, to show lovers on the stars like " Even the heart lock ".

In order to imitate the waves on the Seine River, the designer tried two shapes to show a curvilinear wave - a gold Cartier ring with a set of one after another curve to express the flow of the river, and in particular inside the ring ring painted red enamel , As a reflection on the Seine; another gold Cartier bracelet is decorated with all-diamond, black enamel to draw layers of spray shape, in the still picture to create a sense of Saina River water and a sense of movement.

Grand Italian, jewelry on behalf of: Bvlgari jewelry.

Italy is the cradle of the European nation and culture, had breed the Roman culture and the elephan kan civilization. The magnificent Roman field, the charming town of Florence, the romantic city of Venice, etc., those countless movies related to Italy, are deduced the mystery and romance of Italy. However, it is also the source of Burgundy jewelry design inspiration, the ancient building into a gem bright and eye-catching, as the mystery of the country contained in the jewelry.

Bvlgari Italian garden series inspired by the Italian garden fence and flower garden beautiful and harmonious geometry. The great art of the Italian garden sprouted during the Renaissance. Rafael and Michelangelo and other architects, painters and sculptors to start imagining, follow the humanities tradition to reshape the outline of ancient architecture, and through the reinterpretation of nature and art "beauty" concept. Will naturally into the art of the concept of the Italian garden jewelry series of inspiration for the source, so that the garden fantastic architectural profile and flowers in the replica Bvlgari jewelry in the interpretation of the most incisive.