Cartier jewelry replica carrying Juste un Clou series of new masterpiece and Écrou de Cartier series, at the Milan International Furniture Fair, creative presentation "When the Ordinary as Precious" as the theme of art and design exhibition.

Cartier Juste un Clou series of art and design exhibition

The exhibition is located in the Milan historical and cultural center Fosse Ardeatine Street Garage Sanremo, by the resident in New York, Puerto Rico visual artist Desi Santiago here to create a shape and internal machinery clever combination of the seiko garage, reproduction of the cheap Cartier jewelry will be turned into daily hardware parts The design concept of jewelry. Santiago is known for its rich design and creativity, and is dedicated to bringing the social and cultural trends into fantastic nightlife and unique fashion worlds.

This is a "ordinary" and "precious" collision, is also a traditional mechanical engineering and jewelry design and technology dialogue: wearing a tooling Cartier boy exposure to the dazzling golden garage, toolbox display Juste un Clou and Écrou De Cartier series of new jewelry, all kinds of hardware tools scattered around. A gold sports car suspended in the air, metal liquid poured from the body down, scattered on the ground spread ... ...

Inspired by nail and nut jewelry design

When the daily objects are given decorative significance, when the nails and nuts are designed as jewelry works, ordinary things also show the precious nature. Only the imagination of the cartier jewelry designer can be aware of these hidden charm, with nails and octagonal nuts as inspiration to create exquisite geometric design. Fake Cartier jewelry more invited young artist, photographer Cerise Doucède, a group of visual art works freeze these extraordinary objects of the precious charm.